Meeting the standards Life Science CEOs require

We are asking CEOs of Life Science companies what it is that they expect when considering appointing a finance lead for their business.

To date, they tell us that the most important things to them are that the candidate understands their business, can spot problems and opportunities in advance, are competent in all relevant aspects of financial management and that they be there when they need them. Also regarded as very important are that the candidate understands the financial health of their business, can add value to and contribute to the strategic direction of their business, and are cost effective.

Survey Monkey analysis CEO
We also ask our customers how we measure up against that standard. They are telling us that we are delivering against all of the requirements (see overlay in green). The average score they are giving us is higher in every category than the average score Life Science CEOs are telling us more broadly that they expect.

Survey Monkey analysis
At Integral Finance we are committed to making sure that we continue to provide our new and existing customers the very highest in standards that the market can offer them. And we invest a significant amount of time between our client engagements making sure that we are the best that we can be.


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