Case Study: the benefits of strategic, part-time FD support

Integral Finance have been engaged by a number of clients to improve the visibility of trading performance and also mid term cash-flows – particularly when a client would like to articulate how it is doing ahead of investor interactions.

One such client engaged had at that point been trading for a couple of years already, employed a capable part-time bookkeeper, and was already managing it’s overheads sensibly – ¬†recognising that the business did not require a full-time finance director at the present time. However, Integral Finance addressed the client’s needs with an innovative managing accounting solution that brought data from the existing accounting software into a much more meaningful financial dashboard containing the companies budget and forecast. This enabled real-time variance analysis at the click of a few buttons, allowing the business to focus on where it wanted to go – not on accounting minutia.

The work has also enabled Integral Finance to focus on more value added work for the ¬†client – including the preparation of investment and grant funding materials. The client is pre-terms with it’s investment but now looks set to raise at least ¬£500k and fund significant future growth based in part to the client’s enhanced financial capabilities – enabling it to both credibly articulate and control it’s business.


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